Sad to say, EMI may not go on forever

by Bart on July 25, 2013

Experimental Musical Instruments came into being in 1985. I’ve been keeping it going ever since, and greatly enjoying the work (mostly). Now, close to 30 years later, I hereby announce that I will be … not shutting the enterprise down, but allowing things to slow down a bit as time goes on, as a way of making a bit more space in my life for other things. In practical terms, this means a couple of things.
First, it means – so sorry about this – we won’t always be getting your orders out with quite the same speed and dependability that we’ve striven for up to now. Most of the time your orders will go out same day or next business day, as has been usual. But the times when I’m out of town for one reason or another and orders are delayed until my return – a rare occurrence up to now – will become more frequent. When this is happening, I’ll be sure to make it clear on the catalog pages. If you go to place an order at a time when shipping won’t be immediate, you’ll see a notice to this effect as soon as you arrive in the catalog pages, so you can decide whether or not to go ahead with the order.
The second thing EMI’s slowdown means is that we won’t be bringing new hardware products into inventory, and we’ll be letting some of the ones we carry go out of stock and disappear from the catalog. For instance, we no longer carry either the magentic spot pickups or the oversized bar pickups we once had, nor the Powerjack Preamp, and a few other items. Meanwhile, there are other items that you’ll be able to get from us for quite some time to come — for instance, we have excellent supplies of zither pins, tuning gears, fret wire and piezo films. In particular, we’ll be keeping our many instrument-making books available well into the future. We’ll even be producing the occasional new title. Currently in production: a book describing how to make lamellaphones of all sorts (plucked idiophones such as mbira, kalimba, and contemporary variations).
Thanks to all our customers for supporting us in the past. I hope you’ll continue to do so going forward … but with the knowledge that our turnaround times may not always be as quick and our selection as complete as they have been up to now.

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