New Products: Small Electronic Parts

by Bart on July 6, 2009

We have recently added several small electronic parts to our catalog. For several years we’ve been selling piezo elements and magnetic pickups; now you can purchase from us the items you need to complete the job of wiring them up. We ship the parts with instructions for basic wiring, so you’ll know what to connect to what even if you’ve never done this sort of wiring before. The new parts we’re selling include plugs (male) and jacks (female), potentiometers (volume controls) and the shielded wire to connect them.

If your project is anĀ elaborate one that calls for more specialized components … well, in that case you’ll have to go a supplier that carries a wider inventory of electronic parts than we do. But for the basic jobs our customers will most often be doing, you can now get from us all the needed parts, with confidence that they’re the correct ones and will work together to complete the job.

All of these parts are of excellent quality. Compared with other outlets, our prices are good, and in some cases great. You can check them out in our catalog.

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