Major Website Overhaul

by Bart on August 13, 2009

As old friends will notice, we’ve just undergone a major web site overhaul. Man, it’s been a lot of work! One of our main purposes has been to improve the site’s usability for visitors. Your experiences in navigating, finding the features and information you want, and purchasing from the catalog should now be more convenient and intuitive. The upgrade has been deftly managed by Janine Warner of Artesian Media.

The main software components we’re now working with are WordPress for creating most of the text and feature pages, and Instinct for the product pages and shopping cart functions, both extensively customized for our purposes. For secure online payment processing we’re using a service called is widely used and universally trusted; when it comes to making sure that your payments are safe and your information fully encrypted, they’re among the leaders.

I mentioned WordPress as one of the programs we’re using. Wordpress was created as blogging software, designed to make it easy to manage pages with frequent updates. In the past, frequent updates has definitely not been my forte, and I don’t expect to suddenly transform myself into a high-frequency blogger now. But this raises some hope that I could start doing a better job of keeping this news page and other pages on this site current. If it goes well, maybe I can even revive some of the spirit of the old Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly, allowing this space to serve, in some limited fashion, as meeting place for people interested in the topic. No promises, but we’ll see.

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