EMG Select Pickups?

by Bart on October 2, 2009

 Hey, does anybody know where we can source EMG Select guitar pickups at wholesale prices for sale in the Experimental Musical Instruments catalog? It turns out that this information is strangely elusive (details below). If you have leads on this, please let us know.


In case you’re curious, here is background information on my question.


We sell a couple of different kinds of magnetic pickups, chosen because they’re types you can’t get anywhere else, and likely to be of particular use to people who like to design and build their own instruments. But it has occurred to me it could also be worthwhile to carry a basic, sturdy, affordable guitar pickup – one that could be equally useful for non-guitar applications. That description nicely fits the Select line of pickups sold under the EMG name. These were designed and originally produced in the early days of the EMG company. But when you contact EMG now, they don’t want to talk about those Select pickups. They’ve moved on to producing more elegant (and higher-priced) pickups, and they no longer manufacture the Select line. Yet the Select pickups are still available from various outlets, so it’s clear that someone is still making them. Apparently there is a licensing agreement that allows I-don’t-know-who to manufacture them and imprint them with the EMG name, even as EMG strives to distance itself from its earlier product. In the current packaging for the Select, it’s indicated that they’re made in Korea, but no further contact information is given. So far, various attempts I’ve made to track down a connection have not yielded results.


Meanwhile, I love these totally unfancy Select pickups for what they are. They’re solid as a rock, thoroughly dependable, and remarkably inexpensive. Unlike many guitar pickups, they do not have separate pole pieces, and this means that the pickup functions equally well regardless of the spacing of the strings or other sounding elements above it. The signal strength is respectable and the sound is your basic, unadorned magnetic pickup sound.


So if you have any sourcing suggestions for tracking down a wholesaler, please be in touch.

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