A New Vendor for Musical Instrument Hardware: PINPEGPICKUPS.COM

by Bart on June 17, 2014

A couple of months ago we let it be known in this space that Experimental Musical Instruments would soon be turning the electronic and acoustic hardware side of our business over to a new vendor. The big switcheroo has now happened: to purchase instrument-making hardware items, you can now go to…
~~~(insert fanfare here)~~~


PinPegPickups sells the same products that we until recently sold here at EMI (and will quite likely sell additional products as time goes by). Their prices are similar, and you can expect the same level of service you’ve come to expect from us. Please click your way over to PinPegPickups to view products and place your order there.

The principals at PinPegPickups are Paul Winstanley and Susie Wasserstrom. Paul is an improvising musician here in the San Francisco Bay Area, a specialist in everything amazing and improbable you can do to an electric bass and a serious tinkerer with DIY effects pedals and signal processing. Susie is a student working toward a degree in conservation/resource studies and she will soon be a high school chemistry teacher. Both are now also storekeepers on the web, ready to serve any and all who may be building an unusual musical instrument or working to adapt, repair or enhance an existing one.

To our longtime hardware customers, many thanks! It’s been a pleasure to filling your needs for musical instrument hardware in the past, and we’re happy to recommend PinPegPickups for the same items and more going forward.
And please remember: while we’ve spun off the hardware side of things, we’re still selling our instrument-making books and CDs here in the Experimental Musical Instruments website. You can browse the catalog here.

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