by Bart on April 22, 2014

Well, people, for a while now we’ve been leaking the news that we’re going to be transferring the hardware side of EMI’s business to a new vender over the next month or two. (Important to note: we’ll still be handling our books and CDs here as always.) I’ll be letting you know contacts for the new seller soon. The hope is that, when the time comes, you’ll be able to transfer your business there with little or no disruption. Until then you can still order from our catalog as usual.

In the meantime we’ve been selling down our inventory, and with apologies, we’ve run out of some items which will be temporarily unavailable until the new seller is up and running. The most important of these are several types of tuning gears, most notably the left orientation of our economy-priced mid-size tuners (normally used as guitar tuners). The order for more of these has already been placed on behalf of the new vendor, but they won’t be available until late May, a month or more after the time of this writing. So the wish I expressed above for “little or no disruption” won’t be quite true if you’ll be needing those tuners before then, and we apologize for that.

The full information pertaining to the new vender will be posted conspicuously here and on the relevent pages of our online catalog, so when you want hardware items you can simply come to our catalog as usual and the link will be there to bounce you straight over to the new people. And remember we’re still selling lots of great books and CDs here as always!

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