The Chime Can Be Its Own Resonator

by Bart on January 18, 2010

Fuller Tone for Wind Chimes, Tubulons & Other Tubular Chimes 

A few years ago Experimental Musical Instruments put out a book on making wind chimes. In that book I included a photo and a few words about a set of chimes in which the body of air enclosed in tube is tuned to resonate with the chime tone. This gives the chime a fuller and louder sound, particularly in low-pitched chimes. There’s a recording of a resonated chime set included on the audio CD that accompanies the book. I didn’t include a full description of how to make such a thing though; I was trying to keep the book simple and accessible, and I was afraid that a description of the air-tuning process would be too long and complicated. Since the book came out, a couple of readers have gotten in touch with me to say they loved the sound of that chime on the CD, asking why I didn’t give a good explanation for how to make it.

In response I’ve now written an article explaining the process. You can find it here

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