“Overtone-Tuning in Lamellaphones” has moved to Tools section

by Bart on August 4, 2010

A few days ago on this news page I posted a two-part article called Overtone Tuning for Lamellaphones. I later decided that the article belongs not here on the news page, but rather  in EMI’s Tools and Resources pages. I also got out the old editor’s pen and made a few improvements in the article as originally written. You’ll now find the improved version  there, along with a lot of other useful articles, resource lists and software tools for instrument makers. 

This particular topic — how to tune the overtones to get a clearer tone in mbiras, kalimbas, sansas and non-traditional home-mades in the lamellaphone family — is a valuable one, and under-rated in importance (I’ve always thought), so I’m hope a lot of people will take note and have a look at the article.

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