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Zither Pin Turning Wrench

Last modified 3-11-2011

Price: $5.95 - Item: 153
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This is the tuning wrench to use with the zither pins we sell. You can try turning your zither pins with pliers or an adjustable wrench, but you’ll quickly find that doing so is exasperatingly awkward. Worse, it will mar and ultimately strip the tuning pin. Our zither pin tuning wrench is dependably easy to use and quite affordable. Fits all zither pins of standard size.

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1-19 wrenches: $5.95 each
20-39 wrenches: $5.60 each
40-59 wrenches: $5.30 each
60 + wrenches: $5.00 each

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Price: $5.95 - Item: 153
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