What is Experimental Musical Instruments?

Last modified 9-29-2014

Experimental Musical Instruments is an organization devoted to unusual musical instruments of all sorts. In our catalog you can find a range of books & CDs on instruments and instrument making. This website includes lots of additional features, information and tools for people interested in musical instruments.

Experimental Musical Instruments started in 1985 as a quarterly journal devoted to unconventional instruments. Over the years we became increasingly involved in producing a wider range of materials relating to musical instruments. In 1999 the last issue of the journal was published, but we’ve continued to expand our offerings in books and CDs. 

The musical instruments we’ve covered over the years include newly created instruments as well as traditional and historic instruments. The emphasis has been on acoustic or electro-acoustic instruments rather than computers and synthesizers, but not dogmatically so. We’ve always had a special interest in home-buildable instruments and a dedictaion to the idea that all kinds of people, from first-timers to experts, can enjoy the craft of creative musical instrument design and construction.

Experimental Musical Instruments
PO Box 421, Point Reyes Station CA 94956 USA
phone 415-663-9691

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