Stores Selling Unusual Musical Instruments

Last modified 9-29-2014

This is a list of retail outlets selling unusual and hard-to-find instruments. (For a list of places selling musical instrument parts, click here.)

The emphasis is on outlets which carry a wide selection of non-western instruments, folk instruments, early instruments, experimental instruments … in other words, places you can turn to when you’re looking for instruments not normally available through general music stores or retail catalogs. The list does not include individual makers, nor does it include outlets specializing in one particular instrument.

Important note: We’re no longer keeping this list up to date and it has been a few years since it has been updated. Apologies if some of the links are no longer good.

Thanks to Greg Bossert and members of the Oddmusic mailing list ( for contributions to this list.

African Treasures. African instruments.

Ali Akbar College Store. Indian instruments.

Andy’s Front Hall. Emphasis on American and European folk instruments.

Anyone Can Whistle. Dedicated to the idea that music is universal and participatory. The emphasis on fun, easy to play, accessible instruments, wind chimes and sound devices.

Apollo’s Axes. Instruments from around the world.

Bang a Drum. Percussion Instruments from around the world.

Carousel Music. Emphasis on educational programs and fun in music making; sells instruments from around the world.

Carrol Sound. For years a leading supplier of all sorts of instruments to the entertainment industry. A huge inventory of percussion instruments from sound effects to marimbas, plus prop instruments and more.

Clarion Music. Emphasis on Chinese and other Asian instruments; also strong on didjeridu.

The Didgeridoo Store. Didjeridus, Native American flutes, ocarinas, hand drums, crystal singing bowls, and more.

The Early Music Shoppe. Leading outlet for early European instruments.

Earthshaking Music. Emphasis on world-wide and experimental percussion.

Elderly Instruments. Emphasis on European and American folk instruments (as well as standard mainstream instruments).

Ethnic Musical A wide variety and complete selection of instruments from around the world.

Folk Mote Music & Harp Store. Emphasis on folk harps; also dulcimers, ethnic flutes, drums, bowed psalteries and more.

Folk Music Center. Acoustic instruments from around the world.

Hobgoblin Music. Folk and Celtic instruments.

House of Musical Traditions. Acoustic instruments from around the world.

Kelischek Workshop. Makers and distributors of a variety of early European instruments, mostly but not exclusively winds.

Lark in the Morning. Lark has one of the broadest and most complete inventories that you’ll find … unusual musical instruments of all sorts, and an extensive web site.

Leslie and Company. Manufacturer, located in Pakistan, of bagpipes, pracitce chanters, vellum drum heads, bugles, bongos and congas, flutes, harps and many more.

Mid-East Manufacturing, AKA Ethnic Musical Instrument Company. A broad selection of near- and mid-eastern musical instruments.

MondoUNO. Emphasis on Celtic instruments; also some instruments from India and elsewhere.

Motherland MusicArts. African instruments.

Musical Instrument History Store. Historic musical instruments.

Music Maker’s Kits. Do-it-yourself instrument-making kits for a diverse and ever-expanding range of instruments.

Music Outfitters: A wide variety of ethnic instruments.

Pagan Music. A wide range of instruments from around the world.

Pangea World Music Instruments. Hundreds of instruments from around the world.

Ray Man Ethnic Musical Instruments. Emphasis on Chinese and Indian instruments, plus instruments from Africa, the Middle East, South America, the Far East, and Tibet.

Rhythm Fusion. Vietnamese, African, & more. Hand drums, frame drums, rattles & shakers, gongs & bells, winds, etc.

Rummelhoff Music: European and American band and orchestral instruments, including some more unusual types.

Sabar. Drums and percussion (mostly) from around the world.

Saigon Strings: Vietnamese instruments.

Singing Bowl Shop: Handmade Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshas and related items.

Song of the Sea. Celtic instruments.

Sunreed Instruments. A wide variety of folk flutes and clarinets; also hand drums, gongs, singing bowls and more.

Traditional Rhythms. Ethnic musical instruments from around the world.

Ultimate Ethnic Musical Instruments Source. Instruments from around the world.

Vellum Head Company. A wide variety of hand drums, plus various sorts of bugles and bulb horns.

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