Barry Hall’s Hybrid Globotubular Horn

Last modified 8-12-2009

Barry Hall has made ceramic instruments in countless exotic forms. Many of them are hybrids, meaning that they encompass in a single instrument elements from two or more distinct instrument types. For the final issue of the Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly journal, Barry wrote an article on a topic that had long interested him, globular horns. These are wind instruments played by buzzing the lips, as with trumpet or trombone, but with air chambers that are globular in shape — that is, fat and round-ish, rather than tubular. Since globular chambers typically resonate a strong fundamental tone but very little in the way of overtones, these instruments characteristically project a full, thick, bassy sort of sound. The instrument in the photo on this page is a partciularly interesting exampe: a hybrid with globes at the each end connected by a tubular section.

Barry Halls Hybrid Globotubular Horn

Barry Halls Hybrid Globotubular Horn

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In connection with his article, Barry recorded a musical piece called “Globularity” using several different globular horns, which we included on the CD Experimental Musical Instruments, Later Years. You can hear an excerpt from that piece in the audio above.

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