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Last modified 9-29-2014

The Experimental Musical Instruments journal ran from 1985 through 1999, producing a total of 70 issues. In those issues we presented a huge number articles on all sorts of topics relating to musical instruments and instrument making.

The back issues of the journal are available for purchase in the form of a double CD-ROM.

The web pages listed below contain detailed, descriptive article-by-article listings of the contents of the  journal.  To explore the listings, click on one of links below for the different volumes.

Searching the back issues listings

You can use the “site search” box in the menu bar above to locate topics of particular interest in the back issues listing.  When you use the site search, the links it comes up with will take you to the tops of the relevent pages. To find your particular reference within the page, you can then use the your browser’s search function (for instance, in Internet Explorer, use “ find on this page” under the “edit” menu).
The site search box above may turn up links from elsewhere in this web site, in addition to those from the back issues pages. If you wish to focus on back issues only, you may ignore links to other parts of this web site.

Volumes 1-2 (1985-1987) Volumes 9-10 (1993-1995)
Volumes 3-4 (1987-1989) Volumes 11-12 (1995-1997)
Volumes 5-6 (1989-1991) Volumes 13-14 (1997-1999)
Volumes 7-8 (1991-1993)

For a complete, but less detailed listing of back issue contents here: Shorter Listing

Book reviews are included in the listings on these pages, but recordings reviews are not. For a list of recordings reviews which appeared in ExMI over the years, click here: recordings reviews.

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